How to search

You can search entering keywords in italian or english or french or german or spanish.


QUICK SEARCH: Single field full-text search. The search queries all fields in the entire archive.
Hints for searching
Insert one or more keywords (e.g. artist's name, title, museum, theme...) separated by spaces. You can combine these keywords selecting a Quick Operator (AND, OR) from the menu under the term box. When you use "AND", the system will provide you with all the images tagged with those keywords. When you use "OR" the system will provide you with images tagged with at least one of those keywords. Please note that the search makes no distinction between capital letters and lower-case letters (Rembrandt = rembrandt).

Search with wildcards
The asterisk (*) enables the retrieval of keywords by partial insertion (e.g. art* finds art, artist, artistic...), allowing you to search without typing in the whole word, or to search several different terms with similar spellings. This option is very useful when you are not sure of the correct spelling of a name, e.g. Kandinsky or Kandinskij? In this case you can use the asterisk (e.g. kand*).
Search for a phrase
Searching for a phrase, you should write the words in-between quotation marks ("), e.g. "Doni Tondo". Please note that keywords like "bouquet of flowers" are considered a phrase, therefore they should be inserted in-between quotation marks.
Search by artist
Type the artist's name, for example Caravaggio. If the name consists of two or more words, write them in-between quotation marks (e.g. "Piero della Francesca"). Please note that if you insert the keyword "Vincent van Gogh" the system will not be able to find van Gogh's works, since the artist is indexed as "Gogh, Vincent van". In this and similar cases, you should consult the indexes (available through the advanced search option).

After typing in the word or words, click on SEARCH (or hit ENTER) to see the results.


ADVANCED SEARCH: multiple field search for complex queries and precise results.
The hints for searching within each text box are similar to those for the quick search (see above "Hints for searching"). In order to search using two or more keywords in the same text box, even if it is not a phrase, you can simply write each keyword in-between quotation marks (") (e.g. Inserting the keywords "dog" "hunt" in the textbox "THEME", the system provides you with images depicting hunting scenes with dogs, because in this section the Quick Operator is always "AND").

You can also use one of the keywords from the alphabetical lists (ARTISTS, THEMES, LOCATION, etc). These lists are located to the side of each text box, so spelling mistakes may be easily avoided. As you type in the first few letters of a word, the system will provide you with the complete keyword, as long as it is present in the alphabetical list. (If you are using Safari as your browser, please note that you will be led to only the first letter of the keyword you typed; from there will be able to choose the correct keyword).

When you use two or more fields at the same time, the system will provide you with a limited and usually more accurate and pertinent result. E.g. by selecting the keyword "Raphael" from the text box ARTIST and adding the keyword "Portrait" in the text box TITLE, only images depicting Raphael's works which also have the word "portrait" in the title will be displayed. If you add the keyword "Uffizi" in the text box LOCATION, only images depicting Raphael's works which have the word "portrait" in the title and are located in the Uffizi Gallery will be displayed. When you have selected the keywords click on SEARCH (or hit ENTER).

Click on RESET if you want to clear each text box and start a new search.


In the search's results page:
From the page displaying your search results: You can order the results by selecting an option from ORDER BY (Popularity, Artist, Title, Location, etc).

You can refine your search by clicking on "SEARCH IN RESULTS" and add more criteria to your previous search.

You can see details of the images and read more information about them it by clicking on the images themselves or on the Detail Icon below each one. You will also be able to see some of the keywords associated to the images. By selecting one or more of those keywords you will be able to immediately start a new search using that keyword. Once you hit the search button close the Images Details window to see the new results. If you want to go back to your Search click on Back.

You can save the results of your searches in Lightboxes, by selecting a lightbox at the top of the page (one is present by default, but you can create more before searching) and transfer in it all the images present in that page. Otherwise you can choose the specific image you wish for by selecting the Add to lightbox option below each image and then move it into the lightbox.

To order an image previously saved in a lightbox, you have to move it from the Lightbox to the Shopping Cart. You can do that in the same way used for adding it to the Lightbox.


You can try a new search by using other criteria (e.g. If you found no results adding a keyword in the text box "TITLE", try to type it in the text box "THEME") or contact us:
telephone: +39 055 6233200